Monday, February 6, 2012

This blog was started to share with others the story of sixteen therapists and their journey to Les Cayes, Haiti through the organization Medical Teams International. We will be writing about our fundraising efforts prior to the trip, our experiences while we are in Haiti, and the impact the trip made on our lives after we return. The following therapists are the volunteers who have sacrificed their time for this amazing project and are paving the way for future opportunities for international mission work within the Brooks Rehab system:

Ashley Henegar, PT                   Ola Iyewarun, PT                   Sarah Olsen, OT
Hannah Foster, PT                     Valdora Martelli, PT               Greg Mitchell, PTA
Callie Squires, OT                      Nicole Morfis, OT                  Allie Wehunt, PT
Michael Braun, OT                    Anita Kari, PT                        Alison D'Alessandro, PT

                                                   Jenny Schinke, PT
                                                   Megan Schneider, OT
                                                   Geoff Willard, PT
                                                   JoAnn Wiley, PTA

Thank you for taking the time to read and support us through your thoughts and prayers!


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