Sunday, March 25, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Geoff Willard

Team Renew

My name is Geoff and I am currently a Physical Therapist on the Spinal Cord Injury Unit of Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. I'm originally from New Orleans, LA, but moved to Florida in 2008 for PT school. I've been practicing for just over a year and have been looking for more opportunities to assist those in need through my career.
During an internship near Baton Rouge, LA, I met a PT who had just returned from Haiti. He told me stories about some of the natives who had been through the earthquake, and the physical, psychological, and emotional trauma they had been left with. He described his experience as "life-changing" and planned to return again.
I respected his efforts on multiple levels. As a New Orleans Native living in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I truly appreciated any and all assistance that was provided from outsiders. The aid that they provided considerably improved the conditions of the city and sped up the recovery period. Similarly, the amount of devastation in Haiti following the earthquake was vast. However, the Haitian population simply does not have the resources that the U.S. does, and their recovery process is a much slower one.
Therefore, they need all the outside help that they can get, especially by health professionals. I see this as my opportunity to use my skills as a therapist to improve the well-being of Haitian citizens and facilitate their ability to improve their own quality of life.
Any donations to cover travel expenses and supplies would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much for your support throughout all this.


If you would like to help Geoff raise the funds to cover his travel expenses, please visit and click on the link "Click here to support my team travel". Thanks again for supporting each and every member of Project Haiti in this endeavor!

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